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  • Will you dance?

    Will you dance?

    Team-building animation or opening evening entertainment, the dance battle is orchestrate by one or several choreographers and a jury. No need to be a prima ballerina (ça signifie "danseuse étoile" mais tu peux juste laisser "ballerina" si tu veux) , feel the vibe and enjoy dancing with your team, let's dance! We offer you to combine this activity with the realization of a movie, helped by a video team, you'll keep and give a souvenir of these collective moments to your group.

  • Senses Rally in Collioure

    Senses Rally in Collioure

    5 senses, 4 steps, 3 hours...particpants from the Collioure rally discover local wines and/or fruit juices (the taste), experience Mediterranean fragrances (the smell) and the flamenco rhythms (the hearing). Together they create a sand sculpture (the touch), and then a canvas in the fauvism style (the sight). Incentive and team-building altogether, this funny and interactive itinerary perfectly fit with the Collioure atmosphere, but can also be organised in places such as Barcelona, Cadaqués, Andorra, ...

  • Team-building « renewable energies »

    Team-building « renewable energies »

    With mountain bikes, each team will join up meeting points to discover their challenges : to build a solar oven in order to cook a paella, to create a small water treatment plant, to answer a quizz about CSR, to discover wath cataln castellers are and to be initiated to human pyramids, to build a raft... a flexible and adjustable activity regarding your timing, budget and location of your seminar.

  • Tapas cooking in Barcelona

    Tapas cooking in Barcelona

    The first step is the famous Boqueria market : in 1 hour and with a little budget, participants will have to find the best ingredients in the stands of vegetables, sea food and delicatessen. Then coached by specialists chefs from Barcelona, cooking teams will prepare a tapas plate. A jury will select the best team regarding tapas taste and also esthetic's aspects.

    inally, it will be time to share and to taste... happiness and sangria!

  • The Barcelona spirit is at the Fabrica Moritz

    The Barcelona spirit is at the Fabrica Moritz

    After 7 years of renovation, manage by the architect Jean Nouvel, the former Moritz factory  is now a gastronomic venue ideal for events with its 2 restaurants, a wine-bar and private spaces of more than 400 m sq.

    Cocktails, dinner, show cooking, giant fresco... the place invites to creativity for corporate events, like the city itself.

  • The movies factory!

    The movies factory!

    A sweded movie is a remake of a famous movie done with what is at hand. So it means you need to be very creative and to be connected with your team. This concept was invented by the film maker Michel Gondry who will launch in 2016 the UFA (the home movie factory) near Paris.

    Each team has a shooting kit et has to shoot a movie in 3h30. A scenery can be shared between teams and accessories will be given to teams. Actors, props persons, make-up artists, cameraman, special effects persons. Silence... Action!

  • Architecture and design!

    Architecture and design!

    Let us introduce you to the DHUB (Disseny Hub Barcelona)

    The new spanish reference in design is the Dhub, museum, events spaces, auditorium all in one place. One of the newest emerging building from the Poble Nou, neighbour of the Agbar tower (Jean Nouvel), it is the attraction of the new business district of Barcelona. Party or meeting will be under the theme of innovation, with an entertainment linked with the contemporary art, and a keyword: excellence!

  • Become Catalan in 3 days

    Become Catalan in 3 days

    That's how we are challenging your participants!

    A complete immersion in the local culture to become a tapas-maker expert, to get the skills of negotiator as former Catalan merchants, masters of Mediterranean sea, were, to dance the Sardane, to initiate yourself to new energies, to play Bitlles, to become a sailor and an artist.

    All these in a team-building spirit from day to night.

  • Barcelona


    The favourite city of French companies, Barcelona displays the characteristics of the Mediterranean: dynamic and open. It calls for creativity, relaxation and emotions sharing.

    Barcelona will invite you to discover its contemporary architecture, its markets to fill your senses, the treasures of its ancient city, both Roman and medieval, its  Olympic port...

Catalan-Concept is a Destination Management Company, expert in Catalonia, Spain and Portugal.
For 12 years, Catalan Concept has been proposing and creating events for companies who wish to reward their teams and clients or foster loyalty amongst their employees in an atmosphere that is much more relaxed than the working environment.
We can service clients’ needs anywhere in Spain, Portugal and in the south of France.


"If you can laugh together, you can work together"
Robert Orben



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